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  • How to Manage Stress as a College Student

    College life can be an exciting and transformative experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges that can lead to stress. Balancing academic responsibilities, a social life, financial pressures, and the transition to adulthood can be overwhelming for college students. Regardless of the reason why college students are stressed, stress can have […]

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  • Budgeting Tips for College Students

    Are you ready to take control of your college finances and become financially stable? If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of setting financial goals and give you money-budgeting tips for college students. Plan Your Finances Decide what financial priorities are most important to you. Do […]

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  • Resume Tips for College Students

    Whether you’re in college or are about to graduate, having a top-notch resume is one of the best tools in securing a stellar job. Before you start applying, you need a resume that will make you stand out from the other applicants, so here are some resume-building tips for college students that will help you […]

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  • Time Management Tips for College Students

    Time management is more crucial than ever in college. Being a college student is one of the busiest phases of life. With all assignments, notes, term papers, and extracurricular activities to handle, it can put lots of pressure on you. To make the most of your college years, it’s essential to set goals accordingly by […]

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  • Best Restaurants in Huntsville, TX

    It’s no secret that Huntsville, TX is widely known throughout the country for it’s state penitentiary. However, one little known fact about Huntsville, TX is that they have a wide variety of quality restaurants as well. If you are looking for some places to eat in Huntsville, TX, continue reading this post to discover our […]

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  • Interesting Facts About Huntsville, TX

    Huntsville, Texas, is a unique place to call home — a city that embodies the perfect balance of small-town charm with all the shopping, dining, cultural, and entertainment perks in a historic area just 70 miles north of Houston. Not only is this community home to Sam Houston State University, but there are also a […]

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  • Check Out These Study Tips for SHSU Students

    Studying for exams is hard. We get it. It can feel completely overwhelming as the clock ticks away and it feels like you have new information spilling out of your ears and…. let’s take a breath there. You’ve got this. We’ve put together a list of helpful study tips for SHSU students to help you […]

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  • It’s Holiday Season!

    December is here, and so is that holiday joy! Good luck on your finals, and congratulations to all of our December 2019 graduates! We hope you have a safe and fun break from school. We hope to see you at our Holiday Workshop on December 9 at 7 p.m.! Special Highlight Tips for holiday decorations: […]

  • Happy November!

    Enjoying your stay? Sign your renewal today! Stop by the office to see our low rates and find more information about our specials! Maintenance Tip Please allow 24–48 hours for your work orders to be completed. Our team is working hard to meet our awesome residents’ needs! If you are experiencing any pest problems, our […]

  • Fall Is Upon Us!

    We hope everyone is having an awesome time here at Republic at Sam Houston! We have some amazing events lined up for you this month. We can’t wait to see everyone at our Spooky Night Out Halloween party! Maintenance Tip Follow these steps to submit a maintenance request: Log in to your portal account located […]

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