College Student Studying

Check Out These Study Tips for SHSU Students

Studying for exams is hard. We get it. It can feel completely overwhelming as the clock ticks away and it feels like you have new information spilling out of your ears and…. let’s take a breath there. You’ve got this. We’ve put together a list of helpful study tips for SHSU students to help you on your journey towards your degree.

Prepare. Always.

Everyone who wants to be successful should always be prepared. Make sure you have a good computer that will last you for the rest of your college career. You should also be ready to take notes on paper or digitally if that’s ever the case. We suggest you try to take notes on a note-taking app just to keep things a bit organized.

Establish Healthy Habits

Being healthy should always be your top priority. Not only will it help you look good, but it will also help your brain’s performance. For those of you who are wondering if you’re on track for being healthy, take a look at our quick checklist:

  • Sleep — Try to get at least eight hours of rest every night. In addition to the rest, drink a cup of water before and keep your body hydrated!
  • Food — When it comes to eating properly, try to stay away from overeating and undereating. Stay away from candy and having too much sugar! It might taste good, but sugary foods don’t help your brain too much.
  • Exercise — Try to stay active in Huntsville. This can help you prevent anxiety from taking over, and it can also help your brain with memory. 

Find a Tutor

If studying by yourself isn’t your thing, you can find a tutor here. Sam Houston State University does a great job at hiring great tutors. They are always friendly and try their best to make sure you earn the best grade possible. So, next time you’re struggling with math, chemistry,  physics, biology, modern languages, reading. writing, or stats, sign yourself up for tutoring. Take advantage of the free tools that SHSU provides to succeed!

Study Buddy

If you want to have a little fun while studying, make some friends in class and set up a study date and can even do this remotely via Zoom or something similar. Trust us, most of the students acing that class that everyone is struggling with have a study partner. Just do yourself a favor and pair up with a classmate. It will save you from a bunch of stress and wasted time. Studying with a friend also helps you pick up on the stuff you missed during the lecture. Maybe you and your friends can also come up with the perfect study method that will guarantee your success.

Your friends will always take notes and study differently. Just pay close attention to what they are doing and help each other out. Correct one another’s mistakes and come up with a life-saving solution. Just don’t wait until the end of the semester comes near to start studying.

Listen to Some Music

Try listening to some music when you study and relate it to what you’re learning about. That way, when you run into some trouble during your tests, you can find everything easier to remember. Try to study with a specific playlist that you like and you’ll see a difference pretty soon.

Just Google It

It’s the 21st century, and search engines are very useful tools for college students. Google can bail you out if you ever run into some trouble late at night or have no other resort to depend on. You can always find free tutorial videos or crucial study guides online. You just don’t ever know when your tutor or even the professor will forget the information you need. We know, you might be thinking that can never happen, but it does. That’s when Google becomes everyone’s best ally. Don’t be afraid to use Google; it’s always better to ask and learn than to never ask at all.

Give It a Rest… Seriously.

One of the most important habits to incorporate to your studies is rest. After dedicating long hours to your studies, you’ll more than likely be feeling tired and lazy. Do yourself a favor and take the rest your brain deserves.

You don’t have to fall asleep when we say rest. You can easily watch a movie, have fun, or do anything you’d like to. Just try to not spend too much time studying and more time enjoying your college experience. This is the healthiest and best thing you can do for yourself. So, try to give yourself a day or two out of every week to enjoy your social life. College is supposed to be fun and memorable — just make sure to make the most of it.

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