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Best Restaurants in Huntsville, TX

It’s no secret that Huntsville, TX is widely known throughout the country for it’s state penitentiary. However, one little known fact about Huntsville, TX is that they have a wide variety of quality restaurants as well. If you are looking for some places to eat in Huntsville, TX, continue reading this post to discover our picks for the best restaurants in Huntsville, TX!

1836 Steakhouse

1836 Steakhouse is located at 2641 11th St in Huntsville, TX, and primarily serves burgers and steaks on their menu, but they are most certainly not limited to just that. They are located in an old home that was built way back in 1872, but the restaurant gets it’s name from the year that the state of Texas declared independence, and won. If you enjoy history and are craving some meat for dinner, then we highly recommend visiting 1836 Steakhouse!

City Hall Cafe and Pie Bar

City Hall Cafe and Pie Bar is located at 1421 Sam Houston Ave in Huntsville, TX, and is primarily an American restaurant that serves burgers, sandwiches, soups, and everything else American. In addition to the great food that they serve, they also have exceptional cobblers and pies for dessert. If you have an empty stomach and a sweet tooth, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pay City Hall Cafe and Pie Bar a visit!

Potato Shack

Potato Shack is located at 1229 Josey St in Huntsville, TX, and is largely known for their baked potatoes. In addition to their exceptional baked potatoes, they also offer many other food items on their menu, so there is always something to eat for anyone. This restaurant also has pool tables, so while you are waiting for your food to come out, you can entertain yourself. If you enjoy a festive atmosphere, baked potatoes, pool, or even just one of those aforementioned things, this spot is for you!

Mama Juanitas Mexican Restaurant

Mama Juanitas Mexican Restaurant is located at 154 I-45 in Huntsville, TX, and just as the name suggests, is a Mexican restaurant that serves tacos, fajitas, burritos, chimichangas, chalupas, and much more. In addition to the great Mexican food that they serve, this restaurant also offers catering, and will even allow you to hold a special event in their private room. If you are looking for some great Mexican food in Huntsville, TX, you can’t go wrong by paying Mama Juanitas Mexican Restaurant a visit!