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Interesting Facts About Huntsville, TX

Huntsville, Texas, is a unique place to call home — a city that embodies the perfect balance of small-town charm with all the shopping, dining, cultural, and entertainment perks in a historic area just 70 miles north of Houston. Not only is this community home to Sam Houston State University, but there are also a […]

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Check Out These Study Tips for SHSU Students

Studying for exams is hard. We get it. It can feel completely overwhelming as the clock ticks away and it feels like you have new information spilling out of your ears and…. let’s take a breath there. You’ve got this. We’ve put together a list of helpful study tips for SHSU students to help you […]

Apartment Walkthrough Guide for College Students

So you found your new digs, but there’s one important step that a lot of renters miss: Doing a thorough walkthrough of your new apartment. Moving is stressful and you’re exhausted, we get it – but to protect yourself further down the road from any fees related to damages not caused by you, it’s important […]

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Books Every College Student Should Read

College can bring upon an unwanted reading list that only has so much to offer. Trust us, there’s plenty of good reads you might not know of that’ll make reading interesting again. Reading books during your college days can also help you learn how to engage your audience and learn a bit more about diction. […]

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Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX

Starting college usually means a complete change in setting. Along with the change comes some newly found freedom and plenty of unanswered questions. That’s why we at the Republic Student Housing came up with the Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX. We want our local students to get familiar with Huntsville and get involved […]

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SHSU Football Ultimate 2017 Infographic

Bearkat Football is Here! Hey football fans, students, and Bearkats. Are you ready for the Sam Houston State University 2017 season? SHSU football has officially kicked off! The games are covered on ESPN + and tickets are available at Vivid Seats. We’ve gathered up all of the information that fans and students need for this football season, […]