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Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX

Starting college usually means a complete change in setting. Along with the change comes some newly found freedom and plenty of unanswered questions. That’s why we at the Republic Student Housing came up with the Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX. We want our local students to get familiar with Huntsville and get involved with the student community and culture!

Getting To Know Your Campus

Let’s start our Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX with the most basic step. Every college student should know their campus like the palm of their hand. Knowing where everything is located on campus will help save you plenty of time and embarrassing moments. That’s why we suggest that you explore the SHSU campus before your first day of class.

Here are all the maps and information you’ll need to make your way around the SHSU campus:

Forms of Transportation in Huntsville, TX

Next, on our Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX is some information on getting around town. We want you to save as much as you can on gas since we know how much the market can change in an instant. Here is some valuable information on different transportation methods in Huntsville:


Almost everyone has a car nowadays, meaning that it’s pretty easy to get to where you’re going. In addition, parking permits at SHSU can vary in price depending on the lot you want to park in. You can pay by the hour (more expensive), or choose to pay for the academic school year (better deal). The price ranges from as little as $50 (motorcycles) to $800 depending on the type of permit you want for your vehicle. Of course, we recommend for all students to try sticking to smaller vehicles because of the better gas mileage and perks that come with them.


Getting around town in a bicycle is a great way to save on gas. Of course, we recommend that students stick to this option as long as they live near SHSU and own a bike already or have the money. Bicycling is also a great option for students who live less than 4 miles from their job and any other extracurricular activity.


Huntsville isn’t the most walkable city in the state of Texas (36 Square Miles), partly because it’s spread out over a fairly large area. But there’s still plenty of activities and commute you can do by foot in the area. You can walk to class if you live on or near the Sam Houston State University campus. Walking is also a great way to enjoy a nice day out in the area since there’s plenty of outdoor activities to do in town.

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Student-Friendly Living in Huntsville, TX

Choosing the right place to live during your college years can play a big role in how much you enjoy your time. Every location offers different amenities and access to Huntsville depending on its surrounding elements. That’s why we also want to help you find the best spot for student living in the Huntsville area.

The Republic at Sam Houston

1300 Smither Drive, Huntsville, TX 77340

The Republic at Sam Houston is an ideal location for students to live in the Huntsville area. With great amenities like a 24-hour fitness center, an awesome pool, and a clubhouse with plenty of entertainment, how could it not be? The best part of it all is how accessible SHSU and the rest of Huntsville is from the apartment complex location.

Best Places to Study Around Huntsville, TX

Our Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX wouldn’t be complete without the best study spots around town. Here are the best study locations in Huntsville:

Empty Classrooms

Stop overlooking empty classrooms as a study option. Empty classrooms on campus usually have plenty of room for your study group, Wi-Fi, and all of the privacy you need to study with no interruption.

Things To Do in Huntsville, TX

Next, on our Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX are some awesome things to for college students. There are plenty of spots around Huntsville that every student should visit at least once before they graduate and say their farewells. Here are some of the top attractions all college students should visit in Huntsville:

The Sam Houston Statue

7600 TX-75, Huntsville, TX 77340

Every student should visit the Sam Houston Statue at least once. It’s the largest representation of its kind and a beautiful spot to learn about some history behind Huntsville and SHSU.

The Prison Museum

491 TX-75, Huntsville, TX 77320

The Prison Museum is a non-profit museum that teaches about the prison system in Texas. You’d be surprised at all the fun facts you can learn during a day visit here.

Sam Houston’s Grave

Oakwood Cemetery, Huntsville, TX

Visiting the grave of Sam Houston is something every Texan should try to do. The cemetery is a beautiful spot to visit on a sunny day.

Huntsville State Park

565 Park Road 40 west, Huntsville, TX 77340

If you’re looking for a great spot to relax and enjoy from everything nature has to offer, the Huntsville State Park. Whether you’re in the mood for a swim in the summer or early morning fishing, its the perfect spot to enjoy mother nature.


Want to have some outdoor fun for a change? Check out these 5 Great Outdoor Activities Around Huntsville, TX.

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Best Restaurants in Huntsville, TX

We all know how important it is to find that go to grub spot in town. Thankfully, there are plenty of restaurants around Huntsville that always hit the spot. Here are some of the best restaurants on our Student Guide to Living in Huntsville, TX to enjoy from:

El Gordo Taqueria

611 11th St, Huntsville, TX 77340

Easily one of Huntsville’s favorite Mexican restaurants to eat at,  El Gordo Taqueria is the spot to enjoy some traditional Hispanic food. From breakfast burritos to authentic carnitas plates, El Gordo Taqueria does it all.

Farmhouse Cafe

1004 14th St, Huntsville, TX 77340

Located near the SHSU campus, Farmhouse Cafe is a great spot to enjoy the best chicken fried steak in town. Farmhouse Cafe also serves some tasty sandwiches and desserts including their famous fried pies.

Cafe Texan

1120 Sam Houston Ave, Huntsville, TX 77340

Located in the heart of Huntsville, Cafe Texan is a great spot to visit if you want to experience an old school meal. Cafe Texan serves up your favorite classic meals including fried chicken and gravy and other breakfast meals.

Mr. Hamburger

918 11th St, Huntsville, TX 77340

You just have to try the ever-famous Mr. Hamburger if you attend SHSU. This popular spot serves up some of the best peanut butter chocolate shakes, burgers, and other recipes you’ll love.

Noemi’s Sno Cones

598 Palm St, Huntsville, TX 77340

With two locations in Huntsville, there’s no excuse for you not to try out Noemi’s Sno Cones. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy some cold ice cream on a hot summer day.

Enjoy the Nightlife in Huntsville, TX

Let’s face it, every college student deserves a break from all the studying. Luckily for you, there are plenty of great spots around town to help you get rid of all the stresses of life. Whether you like to party or enjoy some clean fun, Huntsville is ready to give you the night of your life:

Bars and Dancing

Huntsville has a lively bar scene every college student enjoys. From dancing to a nice cold drink on the rocks, this town has the perfect spots for you to relax and distract your mind from all the studying.

Live Performances

Whether you’re in the mood for a concert, comedy show, or theatre act, there’s always a show in the Huntsville area to enjoy. Just make sure to check if there are any student specials to take advantage of.


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